Ready, Set, Go! Slowly…

Alright, here we go! The program has started! What do I do? How much do I lift? How many calories can I eat? Tell me what to do and I will do it, I’m ready! I’m more than ready, I’m JACKED!!

Oh… no? Not so fast? Hold my horses? Ok.. now I’m confused.  What do you mean?

That was me on the first day of the program, lol.  Eager to start,  hungry for directions and ready to jump in head first.

Turns out this program is going to be different.  We are going to start slow, build a foundation, and maintain the pace for the duration of the program.  Which, let me remind you, is a whole year!

Alright, when you put it that way, it makes sense.  It’s kind of like comparing running a sprint with running a marathon.  You need to pace yourself and not burnout in the beginning of the race.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Yes, a cliche, but still true.

Once I realized that and bought in to the slow and steady approach, I was able to tone my excitement down enough to participate in the activities for the week.

Getting acquainted.

First week of Precision Nutrition was all about getting acquainted with the coaches, other participants, and the system itself.  We also took a few minutes each day to write down our goals and reflect on the reasons we are participating in the program.

Coach Pam is going to be my head coach and I am looking forward to working with her.  She has an extensive list of coaching experiences as well as personal and athletic accomplishments.  It is important to me that I be able to look up to my coach in order to buy in to the program and with coach Pam, I have made that connection.

We have a closed Facebook group, where all the participants can share their thoughts and their experience and receive support from each other.  This group is going to be invaluable!  There is something incredibly powerful in seeing hundreds of other people going through the same experience as you, having the same struggles, and exposing their vulnerability.   A group like that validates your own experience, it lets you know “you are not alone!  Your struggles are valid and common.  There is help and support available on your journey”. I love it! And I will make sure to make full use of this group.

Some of the journaling prompts we did this week had us dig pretty deep and find that true motivation that made us sign up for this program.

It’s not all about weight loss.

It’s not all about weight loss.  And it simply cannot be.  Weight Loss alone is too narrow of a focus.  We are so much more than our bodies.  Truth be told, people who like us for us, don’t care what we look like or how much we weigh or the size of our clothes.  The only people who REALLY care about our extra few pounds are ourselves.  We care about that because we believe that if we lose those 20-30-50 pounds we will become more worthy and more lovable.  I know this because I used to believe that.  And it hurt.  It hurt a lot and for a long time.

Thankfully, I found help accepting me for me and finding my inherent worthiness.  Two years of counselling and the 12 week Wholehearted Coaching program with Neghar Fonooni opened my eyes and my heart to the possibility that I am enough.  Did you get that? 2 YEARS! That’s how much it hurt.  It doesn’t anymore.  Not all the time anyway.  Wounds like that take a while to heal and they have a way of reopening from time to time.  And so this work never ends.

Once you start on the journey of self acceptance and self-care, it takes consistent effort to keep up progress.  That is because even though you are on the healing path, the rest of the world and the media are hell bent on keeping you in the pain zone.  Otherwise they won’t be able to sell their expensive products and services to you.  A lot of money is spent every day on advertising that is aimed at making us believe that we are not good enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough, and that we need to buy all these products to improve us and make us better and more acceptable by the standards that are being imposed on us.  Those standards are a complete delusion and cannot be achieved by everyone.  Once you see that and internalize that, you are on the right track, and your work has only just begun.

What it is about.

So, why then?  Why am I in this program if I’ve already realized my self-worth and the fact that it’s not tied to my weight or size?  If it’s not about weight loss then what is it about?  What do I want? What am I looking to get out of this program?

I will share with you what I wrote on my first day of Precision Nutrition program.

In the short term I want to be able to do any move I want pain free. I want to get rid of pain in my wrists and shoulders. I also want to prevent pain in my knees and lower back from recurring. I also want to make exercise a regular part of my life.

In the long term I want to introduce more activity into my life. I want to feel the NEED to be active every day and act upon it. I want to WANT to go on a hike. I want to run up the stairs at work and not walk like an old lady. I want to feel powerful, full of energy and resiliency.

Ultimately I want to live a long and healthy life to enjoy my children and grand children.  I want to be active in my later years, build memories of doing things with my family and enjoy my life to the fullest.

This is what I want.  This is what it is all about for me.

I want to do hand stands!

There are also some very defined goals I have which have to do with physical abilities and are important for me.

I want to feel light on my feet when running up the stairs

I want to feel strong when working out

I want to be a “workout junkie”

I want to eat intuitively and sanely

I want to enjoy desserts

I want to enjoy eating

I want to practice yoga regularly

I want to ski

I want to hike, and

I want to do handstands!

That’s what I want.

This is why I joined this program.  I want help charting my own course to achieve what I want.  I am prepared to do the work to identify the obstacles in my way and to overcome them.  I am looking forward to all that work.  I know that I can do it with help from my coach.  It will not happen over night.  It will take a year.  It will take small steps and one day at a time.  I am ready and I am prepared.  Let’s do this.

Follow my blog to get motivated on your own journey and to get regular updates of my progress through this program.  Share your own stories in the comments, I am looking forward to hearing form you!



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  1. I’m assuming you’re doing the Precision Nutrition Level 2 program? You’ll have to keep us updated. I’m currently deciding whether or not I want to do it when it opens up next or just hold off on it until next year. Right now I’m really looking at ACE’s Health Coach certification since there are health coach jobs in my area, but it won’t count as CEUs toward my CSCS certification, when PN Level 2 will.

    1. Thanks for your comment, thedailyworkoutlifestyle!
      I am currently going through the Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women program as a client. I realized it was something I needed for my own development. I am looking at their coaching certification program as well though, in the future.
      I see your conflict between short term goal of jobs in health coaching and long term CSCS certification, that’s a tough choice to make. Ultimately you will probably want to have both?
      I will definitely keep you up to date on my program progress. It will give you an insight on what the program is about and what you can offer your clients once you achieve this certification. So far all the coaches I have interacted with are very engaged and competent. That speaks to the quality of their training and their attitude.
      All the best to you in whichever program you choose!

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