Get Some Sleep Experiment – Day 6

Experiment check-in:

Bed time – 12:15am

Wake up time – 8:15am

Total Sleep Time – 8 hours

I decided I don’t like the word “challenge” anymore.  It implies that one can succeed or fail, win or lose at it.

That’s not what this blog is about.

This blog is about meeting yourself at the level you are at, making small improvements and giving yourself a break when you slip up.

It’s about trying different things and learning new techniques.  Taking what works and leaving what doesn’t.

And for that, I renamed the Get Some Sleep Challenge into Get Some Sleep Experiment.

Morning Routine Recap

My weekend morning routine has always been different from weekdays’.  Partially because I like to sleep in AND have the opportunity to do so. And partly because as, I’ve said before, I need my solitude first thing in the morning.  The only way to get solitude on a Saturday morning is to stay in my bedroom.

I love sleeping in on Saturdays

This puts a kibosh on my ginger tea making.

I can still write in my journal and meditate. I do tend to hurry through it usually because I feel like I need to go downstairs and participate in the goings-ons.  So the weekend routine tends to be shorter than usual.

Daily Journal entry

However, even though it’s short, I still make sure to do it or some part of it.  I haven’t taken a break from writing in my journal in several weeks and I intend to keep that streak going.

That’s the goal. Do what you can and then do it again the next day.  Just be honest with yourself.  Recognize the best you can do that day and then do it.  See if it works for you and make necessary adjustments.

Speaking of adjustments, I’ve made a couple of adjustments to my Ginger and Lemon tea tonight and ended up with a Ginger and Bourbon on ice. 😉

Bourbon and Ginger on a Saturday night.  That’s the life!

Happy Saturday everybody!

Lots of Love,


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