Get Some Sleep Challenge – Day 5

Challenge Check-in:

Bed time – 11:15pm

Wake up time – 6:30

Total sleep time – 7hrs 15min

So, old habits die hard.

Thursday night came around and I didn’t know what hit me.  Thursday is when I usually stay up SUPER late, like till 12 or 1am and watch TV, play games on my phone, and sometimes read something good.  Generally self-indulgent behaviour.

Well last night, I fell in to that pattern so easily, I didn’t know what happened.

Friday mornings are my usual relaxed mornings, so I allow myself to sleep in a bit.  And that’s what happened today.

Of course by sleeping in a bit, I took time away from my morning routine.  I still did it though! Just a bit modified.  I ended up skipping the most important part – the ginger and lemon tea.

Just kidding!

The most important part is meditation.  I didn’t skip that.

So anyway, lots of lessons to be learned in this one night/morning.

People are creatures of habit! I am no exception.  However, I still had a great morning even though I was disappointed about not doing what I was supposed to do.  I still made a point out of practicing mindfulness meditation, and writing in my journal before continuing on with the day.

I am grateful that this experience highlighted this habit for me and I will be more aware when next Thursday comes around and will formulate a strategy to help myself work towards my intention.

Another lesson learned is that doing some of your morning routine is infinitely more beneficial than skipping it all together because you can’t do it perfectly.  Something is good enough.  Aim to get back to do what you can the next day as well.  Keep that consistency going!

And one last lesson for today.  Gardening is a great form of meditation!  I came home from work today and immediately went into my garden and planted a few more plants that I bought recently.  I got as much relaxation out of digging in the dirt and soaking up the last few rays of sun as I do out of my ginger tea in the morning.

My adult sand box. I may have overdone it a bit with the plants. Again.

If you feel you need to skip some parts of your morning ritual, try to find something equally relaxing to do during the day or even in the evening.  It’s just like exercise.  10 minutes twice a day has the same benefit as 20 minutes once a day.  It adds up!

As I’m writing this post, I’m realizing that I didn’t think this challenge through fully.  I did not explain what I consider to be a “week”.  By week I mean “the work week”, as in FIVE days. LOL.

Friday night is NOT for early bed time challenges and Saturday morning is most definitely NOT for waking up before 6am.   I will, however, go to bed earlier than I normally would and will wake up earlier than my usual 10am.

I hope you all had a great day and are following along with my challenge ( I don’t like this word anymore).  If you have been falling short of your own intentions this week, it’s OK.  That’s why they are called intentions and not goals.  You can succeed or fail at reaching a goal.  But not with intentions.  You are constantly working towards your intentions.  You are making mistakes and learning from them along the way.  You are dusting yourself off after making those mistakes and you are trying again.  That’s what it’s all about.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!

Lots of Love,



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