Get Some Sleep Challenge – Day 4

Challenge Check-in:

Bed time – 10:30pm

Wake up time – 5:00am

Total sleep time – 6.5 hours

Where do I begin with today?

Getting to bed on time was very hard last night.  Coming home from work at 8:30pm did not help.

Quick snack, quick chat with the hubby, whom I haven’t seen in 3 days and won’t see for another three, clean up the kitchen. And boom, it’s 10pm already.  It sneaks up on you, I tell ya!

Finally, I actually got into bed, turned off the lights and was ready to fall asleep.  And… no sleep. I’m lying there with my eyes closed and definitely not sleeping. How do you think I felt about that? To paraphrase a movie I’m really looking forward to seeing (Despicable Me 3),

I liked it, but not a lot. I did not like it.

I am normally one of those people who can sleep anywhere at anytime.  I can sleep during the day, I can sleep sitting up, I can sleep on a plane, and I can sleep with my head down on my desk at a lecture in university.

Then why the heck couldn’t I sleep last night in my own bed, with lights out?

There are a few reasons I can think of.

  • I was over tired – yes that’s a thing
  • I did not give myself sufficient time to wind down before going to bed
  • And I was getting upset because I wasn’t falling asleep right away

There are several strategies available to help you fall asleep in this situation.  I will write a separate post on that in the future.

I decided to try Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This technique consists of tightening and relaxing all your muscle groups one by one starting with your head and finishing up with toes.

I did three rounds of this and noticed myself relax significantly and my breathing slow down almost immediately.

It was the first time I ever tried this technique and I think it worked!  While I didn’t fall asleep immediately after I finished the exercise, it was shortly after. And even though I woke up briefly shortly after falling asleep, I immediately fell back asleep and slept until my alarm went off.

Now of course, I did not hear my alarm, because I only got 6.5 hours of sleep.  Thank goodness my husband did hear it and woke me up.

So, a few lessons to learn from last night’s sleep.

  • Going to bed on time is challenging!
  • Falling asleep when over tired is difficult!
  • My body does not want to wake up after less than 7 hours of sleep. 30 minutes make a difference!

How am I going to move forward?

Today I am going to focus on the going to bed routine. All electronics are going off at 9pm. Lights lowered, jammies on, teeth brushed by 9:30. Then some quiet activity and sleep by 10pm.

Let’s see how that works out for me.

Morning routing recap.

On the other hand, the morning routine went really well.  I had my ginger and lemon tea, wrote in my journal, and did a short meditation.  I had a long commute for an early morning meeting today and had to leave extra early, hence the 5am wake up call.

I was in good spirits after my morning routine, got my kids packed up for school and dropped off early.  Gave myself an hour and a half to get to work and got there a few minutes early. It was very refreshing to not worry about the traffic and congestion, because I gave myself the time to sit through it.

I mean, it took over an hour to drive 33km, and I was cool as a cucumber, singing along to country radio all the way down. THAT’S how powerful consistent meditation is!

I am wishing you all a great day and please continue building your morning routines!

Lots of love,


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  1. nice story and encouraging.. keep going! I woke up at 5:37, went for morning walk, I mean not to exercise, or run, but for meditation on a fresh air (using your breathing technic, still learning) on a early sunlight and Ti Chi, whatever I could remember.. felt good, 40 min flu by, almost got late at work, should be waking up earlier.., will try tomorrow, only 10 min left before 10:30, running to bed, you must be sleeping already, take care! Luba

  2. Hi Zhenia,
    how you are doing? don’t see your day 5, how it’s going?
    My morning: I’m not putting up alarm relaying on biological clock, which probably got tired towards the end of the week, so it woke me up at 6:10, which was late! I went outside anyways, for meditation and short exercise of ti chi, noticed that car’s sound bothered me, could’t fully concentrate on breathing.. I think I need to go earlier, before traffic starts. It’s 10:00, bedtime, on time!
    Have a very nice weekend,
    Take care,

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