Get Some Sleep Challenge – Day 2

Good morning everyone!

Challenge Check-in:

Did I go to bed at 10pm last night? 

No. Bed time was 11pm

Did I get up at 6am today?

Yes. I got up at 5:45.  The alarm was set for 5:00, i turned it off and fell back asleep.

Here’s proof.

My trusty Philips Wake Up Light, what would I do without it?

I got up though, and that was hard!  Oh, and I didn’t have to look for my pants today, yay! I’ll take little victories as they come.


So far so good.  I seem to be getting the “waking up in the morning part” OK, just not the whole “getting more sleep part”.


I love early mornings. Can you tell?

Feeling a little extra crappy today.  I got a new cold settling in and the lack of sleep is not helping.

Needless to say, the ginger & lemon tea today was extra welcome and extra comforting.

Back to the morning routine:

Ginger and Lemon chopped – check


Water boiled – check

Tea made – check

Why does it take so long to make a cup of ginger tea?

Journal entry – check

Meditation – check – kept it a bit shorter today (about 20min)

Back in to the chaos of getting everyone out the door – check!

Ahh.. feeling like a person again.

Notes and lessons for the future

I’m learning something through this process (yes, I know, it’s only been two days) – waking up early is easier than going to bed early.  I am so used to pushing through the tiredness and ignoring the body’s plea for rest and regeneration, that forcing myself to get out of bed is not as big a deal as I thought it would be.

Now getting myself to go to bed is another story.  Take last night for example.  By 9pm I was toast.  I needed to go to sleep.  And I was cleared to go.  Kids were in bed, dishes put away, no emergencies to take care of.

However, I have a looming deadline for completing an online course for keeping up my PMP certification and it is weighing on me!  I HAVE to make time to get this course done.  I have 14 modules left until the end of this month and they add up to about 20 hours.  That means I HAVE to do an hour a day in order to finish on time, and that gives me some flexibility to take a day or two off.

So, that’s what I was doing last night.  I took an hour to do one of the modules, which took longer than an hour and I got distracted chatting with a friend.  The end result was that I finished the module, passed it and fell asleep immediately at 11pm.

I’m not making excuses, just explaining what happened.  Conflicting priorities is the name of the game these days, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, this may happen a few more times as I work towards finishing this course up.  Such is life though.  What I can do is start the course earlier, perhaps around 8pm instead of 9.  That will give me more time to relax before going to sleep and get me to bed at a more reasonable time.  Small improvements make for big changes in the end.

How do you deal with life getting in the way of your routines?  How are your morning routines shaping up?

Lots of Love,



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