Get Some Sleep Challenge – Day 1

First things first,

Did I go to bed at 10pm last night?

I tried very hard!  I was in bed by 10:15 and asleep by 10:45.  So for first night of this challenge, I’d day it’s a resounding success!

Did I get up at 6am today?

I did one better.  I got up at 5:45.  I woke up before my alarm went off and then snoozed until the alarm buzzed.

Then I actually got up.

I did NOT hit snooze 3 times.  THAT’s what success looks like to me! Getting up at the first sound of the alarm. Actually, it was easier than I thought it would be.  Maybe getting 7 hours of sleep had something to do with it.

I was something grumpy when I got up. Oy!

As soon as I got out of bed, my head was filled with anxious thoughts about being late, not having enough time, waking up too late, having to do too much, possibly skipping my morning ritual and just getting down to the business of getting ready for work and getting kids ready for school.

AND I couldn’t find my pants that I prepared last night for the soul purpose of not having to look for them when I woke up in the morning.  I even growled at my poor husband who just woke up as if he’d done something with my pants.  And where are those darned pants anyway??  Oh, I’m standing on them.  I put them there right at the foot of my bed neatly folded, so I could see them as soon as I woke up.  Ok. I’m awake now, I see the pants.  Grrr.

The Morning Ritual

Breathe, write, meditate…

Once downstairs, I put the kettle on, peel the ginger, cut a slice of lemon.  Breathe…..

While I wait for the water to boil, I sit on the couch, open my journal, write the date.  Breathe…

Emotional Check-In.  Let it all out on paper, let the paper hold it, not my mind.  Breathe…

Physical Check-In.  Internal scan of any tension, aches and pains.  Put it on paper.  Breathe…

Grattitude.  Three things I am grateful for today.  Feeling better already, more relaxed and centered.

Set my Intentions for the day.  How do I want my day to go.  How do I want to feel and present myself to the world today.  Put it on paper.  Breathe.

Kettle boiled!

Pour the boiling water over the ginger and lemon slices, breathe in the steam, feel the warmth of the cup.  Take a sip. Yes.  NOW it’s a Good Morning.


Back on the couch. Have a couple sips of scalding hot tea, put it aside.  Settle down for meditation.

All I do for meditation is focus on my breathing and practice slowing my breathing down.  Once I’m breathing at a nice slow steady pace, I scan my body top to bottom and relax each body part.  Once my body feels heavy and immobile and my breathing is even, I just sit there. I sit there and watch any thoughts that might come up.  If nothing comes up, then I just sit in piece and quiet and experience the bliss.

I do that until I decide it’s time to move.  Today it was 30 minutes or so and it did not feel that long.  It felt maybe like 10 minutes.  So if time is an issue and you want to make sure you finish after a set time, I’d recommend setting a timer.

Personally, i don’t like setting a timer, because I then anticipate it going off and cannot relax fully.

Moving on with the day

Once I was done with the meditation, I continued on with the rest of the regular morning routing.  Showering, getting ready for work, getting kids’ lunches ready, getting them off to school.

I felt disappointed today that even though I got up earlier, I still ended up rushing to get out the door in the end.  However, I reminded myself that I gained 30 minutes of meditation and I 30 minutes of “just me” time, which was the whole goal of getting up earlier.  So in that regard, the morning was a success!

If I want to not be late for work, I’d need to get up earlier still.  Maybe even 5am.

I might need to start getting used to that idea.

That’s it for now and tomorrow is Day 2!

Till next time,


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