So what’s next? – Setting intentions.

Good day, fellow Ginger Tea lovers!

Today I am planning to embark on a new round of ever-evolving personal growth process.  I will share my thoughts on the cyclical nature of our growth and my plans for starting another cycle.

Don’t you just improve once and stay like that?

I have made peace with the slow progress nature of self-development

I believe that our development is not linear.  It comes in waves of improvement and then some regression.  Then we make another effort of improvement, and then we relax and allow some old patterns to take over.

This is OK and normal.  I see this as a natural cycle and not afraid of a little setback.  I know that overall movement is forward, however slowly it is going.  I have made peace with the slow progress nature of self-development.   Apparently, you literally can not change overnight! Go figure. 😉

As I have mentioned in the beginning of this post, the time has come for me to go through a new round of growth.  I am looking forward to reaffirming things that I have learned before, picking up new skills, and gaining new insights.

It’s better together!

I want my experience to be an inspiration for your own journey.

I invite you to join me on this journey and follow along with me.

I will be posting about all the exercises I do and rituals I  create for myself.

I want my experience to be an inspiration for you to start your own journey or continue where you last left off.  I want you to see that small adjustments in your daily routine can bring around big changes in how you experience life.

Determining a general direction

Before the journey can begin, I need to figure out where I would like to go.

Personal growth sounds very fancy and, actually, kinda vague.  What is it that I intend to grow?  What do I actually want to improve in myself?  Before the journey can begin, I need to figure out where I would like to go.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have had a life changing experience with Neghar Fonooni’s Whole Hearted Coaching program last year.  It has changed me in immeasurable ways and has helped me achieve the next level of self-worth and self-acceptance.  I discovered thoughts and beliefs about myself that I didn’t even know were there.

Setting Intentions/goals/objectives, call them whatever you want…

I want to sleep more, exercise more regularly, meditate daily, write more…

While I still meditate occasionally, and write in my journal daily, I would like to make meditation a daily priority and journal entries longer and more detailed.

While I still exercise occasionally, and sleep daily, I would like to make exercise a regular occurrence in my life and my sleep longer and at a more reasonable time.

Working towards these intentions will allow me to feel loved and taken care of.  It will fulfill my requirement for self-care and confirm my own self-worth to me.  Because when I take care of my physical needs, I show that I am worthy of love and I am worthy of care.

And for bonus points…

I want to learn to eat mindfully and intuitively

In addition to the intentions I just listed, I would also like to eat more vegetables and learn to eat intuitively.  At the moment, I eat when I’m sad, I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m hungry and then I eat some more, because whatever I’m eating is delicious.

I would like to learn to eat more mindfully.  This has been an ongoing struggle for me and I want to improve my eating habits so bad!

However, at the moment, I do not feel like I can tackle that.  I won’t write it off yet.  I will keep it as a potential for bonus points.

Keep something for next round

I am a strong believer in not doing everything at once.  Small steps, small victories, small adjustments.  This is why I will not make my eating habits overhaul a priority at this time.  There will be another time.  This is an ongoing process.

Action Plan for the Week

This week I will work on getting more sleep.

This coming week I am going to pick ONE intention that I would like to work towards and start working on it.  I will blog on my progress every day and in the end of the week decide if I need another week to keep working on that intention or if I can add something else.

The first week’s intention is going to be…

I will go to bed at 10 pm each night and wake up at 6 am.

That is my intention for the coming week.  Tune in starting Monday to find out what tools and tips I am using to help me work towards this goal.

Your Turn

Keep your intentions visible to you all day

I invite you all now to examine your needs and set your own intentions.  If you are anything like me, you probably could use more sleep as well, so you are welcome to piggyback on my intentions.

Make sure to write it down in big beautiful letters and keep it visible to you all day every day, to remind you what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Why? Because you are worth it.  You are doing it because you love yourself and you deserve to be treated with love and to be cared for.  When we love someone, we take care of them.  When show ourselves love by caring for ourselves.  Our physical body as well as spiritual.  And that is enough.

Lots of Love,



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